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Design Services

We are passionate about designing and installing beautiful gardens that connect people with nature. We would love to design a garden for you from the ground up or re-work an existing one.

Our design approach is guided by in-depth knowledge - gained from years of experience working in southern Vancouver Island gardens - of which plants will thrive beautifully in your landscape. 

To learn more, read about our Design Philosophy.

 I offer a free 30 min. consultation where I will listen to what your hopes and dreams are for your garden and where I can give you my first impressions and rough ideas for how to transform your landscape into a thriving and beautiful natural space.

There are several options for designing your garden, depending on your budget.

Screenshot Design Email photos.jpg

Emailed suggestions of plants with photos and a general description of the layout

Using photos of your landscape and superimposing images of plants, garden beds, and pathways onto them

D Kerr Side Straight.jpg
Denice Kerr Side Straight After.jpg
Afshin Front Garden w Labels.jpg
Emily 2D Plan.jpg

Detailed 2D overhead CAD-style drawing plans of your landscape

Fully rendered 3D landscapes to give you a sense of what it would be like to be in the garden, complete with a virtual walk through

I can happily give you an estimate for the cost of creating the new design, and once the design is completed I can include an estimate of how much it would cost for us to make your new garden a reality.

Please get in touch if you’d like to set up a free consultation to discuss beautifying your garden.

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